Barley straw application

Barley straw application in ponds and lakes has been used for decades as a cost effective and environmentally acceptable method of controlling algae. We have offered this service since we started up and have witnessed its benefits first hand on countless occasions. Not only does it reduce algae, but it provides a habitat for an immense amount of aquatic bug life. It’s particularly effective on unicellular/single cell algae (green water), but is also effective in controlling filamentous algae (blanket weed). If the surface of your pond or lake is covered in blanket weed however, we recommend a manual clearance first so the barley straw has less algae to combat. A manual clearance will minimise the de-oxygenation of water caused by algae dying back from treatment with barley straw.

barley2    barley straw application

Normally treatment is required 2-3 times annually depending on the size of the watercourse. We still apply it on golf course lakes around the country as part of ongoing maintenance programs but a lot of our private clients now opt to use our Clearwater Crystal product for algae control as there is no visual impact (other than the reduction of algae of course).

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We can manufacture, deliver and set out our Barley Straw ‘Sausages’ correctly within your watercourse so that they work effectively. We will also remove and dispose of any old ‘sausages’ from the previous treatment if required.

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We are always fully up to date with the latest legislation regarding the use of algaecides and when/where they can or cannot be used.

If you have a watercourse that has fallen victim to excessive algae growth, feel free to email us a picture or contact the office on 01442 875616 to discuss our algae clearance and treatment options.