Clearwater AC (Aquatic Chalk)

A natural and cost effective process to reduce silt levels within a watercourse.

  • Non-chemical, safe for fish and other aquatic life.
  • Reduces oxidisable and organic matter resulting in less silt build up.
  • Reduces methane production from silt breakdown resulting in less odours.
  • Stimulates aerobic micro-organisms.
  • Provides essential Calcium for wildlife and plants.
  • Minimises cloudy water by settling suspended silts.
  • Increases biodiversity within the water bodies.
  • Counteracts acidity in the water and silt.

Clearwater AC is another environmentally friendly product we supply and apply to watercourses. It is a highly porous form of Calcium Carbonate (chalk). It is harmless to plants and wildlife, and because it recycles organic matter, it is very beneficial to the aquatic ecosystem. Clearwater AC stimulates the aquatic food chain and helps to increase biodiversity. It can also be used to raise the pH level of water courses suffering from acidification.

Clearwater AC can be used in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers, and canals where silt build up is a problem. Silt is organic matter, plus sand and clay, combined with water, which forms a spongy mass. Organic silt builds up when the micro-organisms that normally feed on the organic matter are no longer present, due to low oxygen levels and increased acidity. The microscopic Clearwater AC particles will penetrate right in to the silt layer and create the right environment for the micro-organisms to re-establish themselves and start to digest the organic matter, resulting in a reduction of silt mass.

Clearwater AC is applied by sprinkling the product over the water surface. It is applied at a rate of 25kg per 100m². 1-2 applications of Clearwater AC are recommended per year. The entire watercourse should be treated, not just the worst affected areas.

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